Change should come from within…

“Change should come from within” – Probably, we have heard about this usage in many management related discussions and books. But there is a way to understand this concept using our vedic scriptures. There are lots of people who lead their life in a normal way like us and suddenly one incident triggered the spark to elevate their life. There are many real examples in our scriptures as an evident to this theory.

Changes come from within for all these people to transform their lives to a different state. They have set a very good example by showing us the way to lead our life. What I infer from these people is that there is no need to be born and raised in an orthodox family to get such a transformation in life. It looks like anyone who is willing to train their mind, ready to adapt a change in them and practice it can attain the supreme state.

For any change, the trigger point is the key thing. Surprisingly, the trigger point for each of these legend listed below are different.

Person Journey From a To a Trigger Point
Valmiki Thief Saint Rishi adviced him to do Rama Nama Jabam
Vishmamithrar King Saint Understood the power of rishi and king through kamadenu and that induced him to go into this path.
Purandhara Dasar Diamond Merchant Saint Lord himself came down for him and played a drama with an ornament for him to realize this maya.
Buddha King Saint Decision made in one night that he enjoyed too much of wealth and happiness in life and want to go to a level above that. Passion to find out the liberation path and educate the world
Vivekanandhar Scholar Liberated Soul First Meeting with ramakrishna parahamsar and his explanations to the question about “seeing the god”
Naradhar Servant-Maid son Brahma’s son-like position Quality time [4 months] spent with rishis at the age of 5
Sadashiva Brahmendral Sishyan Saint One word by guru [“Un vaai Moodadha”] made him silent for the rest of his life. Attained liberation through silence
Ramana Maharishi Normal Boy Saint His Father’s death at the age of 11 made him to question and realize the secrets behind the death

This tells us that each one of us gets our trigger points in a varying time frame through various persons and situations. But, our mind should always be open enough to receive those trigger points in a correct way so that we can get the full benefit out of it. So we need to watch out the people whom we associate with and incidents that are happening around us and changes that are happening inside us. It is very essential to be aware and tune our mind to catch those trigger points which is going to be our ultimate so called “Objective” of this life.


3 thoughts on “Change should come from within…

  1. Reading this article is our trigger point swamiji sorry anuji. Jokes apart, detailed thought was put on this trigger point analysis. Thanks for sharing


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